Why do things seem to get more and more difficult every year? Is it just age talking, and taking its toll?

NO! The problem isn’t just that you are getting older, the real problem is low testosterone!

It is hard to feel like a man in a world obsessed with tight pants and pop rock. In addition to your manly obligations, you go to the gym regularly, and take Krav Maga. You appear younger than you are, and you are in good shape! You also have a woman, who knows that you are the perfect catch!

You aren’t vying for the title of “Mr. Universe,” but you have noticed that your energy levels have really slowed down. You feel tired in the middle of the day, and then can’t sleep at night. You know that it isn’t something that will just go away on its own. Every year it keeps getting worse. As time goes on, the work keeps getting tougher, and you keep feeling a little bit slower.

After several visits to your doctor, for routine check-ups, he tries to reassure you, by saying:
“These things happen as you age.”

You figure, maybe your doctor is right, and it is just an age thing. But, what if it isn’t? There is a little thought that keeps buzzing in the back of your head, and maybe there is something else. Maybe there is something more going on.

A few years ago, during a routine physical, I had my testosterone levels checked. My doctor informed me that my levels were “normal.” Wanting a little more information, I continued to press him. He eventually informed me that my testosterone levels were 350ng/dL, and within the normal range.

A normal, healthy man’s testosterone should be between within this range: 300ng/dL and 1,000ng/dL. Normal Testosterone Levels Stay About 400 ng/dL, Even With The Common Treatment Tribulus. In the past 700 ng/dL was considered normal!
With each new generation, average testosterone levels continue to decline.

Why do testosterone levels keep dropping?
Our world revolves around plastic. It is almost impossible to find an area of your life that does not contain plastic. While plastics have made our lives much more convenient, they also contain harmful chemicals that leach into our food and water. Chemicals like mercury and bisphenol-A (BPA). Studies have shown that BPA has estrogen-like effects on the male endocrine system, and can disrupt the production of testosterone.

In addition, with the development of longer shelf lives, we ingest all manner of chemicals in processed foods, as well as, foods produced with pesticides. All of these chemicals assault our bodies, and deprive us of necessary vitamins and minerals. This nutrient deprivation keeps our endocrine system from functioning effectively. Not to mention, we drink city water containing the remnants of birth control pills, even after the treatment process.

It is not just our bodies under daily chemical attack; we are also suffer constant mental assault.

We can all associate with these situations:

These subliminal messages tell us to disregard our manliness, and this, in turn, tells our bodies to decrease the production of testosterone. Therefore, we are telling ourselves to make less testosterone, simply for social approval. This isn’t right, we need to DO something!

Have You Heard Tongkat Ali?

A flowering plant native to the island of Madura in Indonesia, and is also known as “pasak bumi.” Tongkat ali is also known to grow in Malaysia and Thailand. However, these plant varieties contain fewer of the valuable saponims, contained in Indonesian tongkat ali.

Studies have shown that high saponim content, from tongkat ali extractions, has led to increased sperm counts, and increased testosterone levels. Just look to the wealth of personal reviews on the internet, for the effectiveness of tongkat ali. Men are experiencing higher testosterone levels, and not experiencing any unpleasant side effects.

It is nearly impossible to find another all-natural testosterone supplement, with a formulation as potent as Tongkat Overload.

Tongkat Overload is so powerful, when you take the recommended 800mg of 100:1 Indonesian tongkat ali extract, it requires a 2-Day Cycle!

There are many testosterone supplements out on the market, how do you know which one is the best? Many even contain tongkat ali. The majority of other supplements do not contain enough tongkat ali, to have much effect. Only in Tongkat Overload, will you find the concentrations that will have the effects you are looking for, because our competitors cannot afford to put the same amount of tongkat ali in their products.

Other tongkat ali products will tell you:

These people do not understand how the body works, and thus are misinforming the public about tongka ali supplements. While still a developing fetus, your body creates a “feedback loop” for testosterone production. In other words, your body will continue to produce testosterone, until it reaches an internally set critical amount. Once the “set point” is reached, your endocrine system stops making testosterone. Then, after a period of time, and testosterone levels fall below the “set point,” your body begins the process all over again.

Individuals, like bodybuilders, who inject testosterone, only harm their natural testosterone production. This is because they effectively shut down their “feedback loop.” These individuals continually have testosterone levels over the “set point,” and their endocrine system never has to make testosterone. Their bodies can still make testosterone, just at decreased levels, because they have taxed their endocrine systems for too long.

Cycling is essential! The majority of people who believe tongkat ali doesn’t work, just didn’t cycle it properly.

Many other tongkat ali supplements recommend a 5-day cycle, to avoid upsetting your endocrine system. However, because Tongkat Overload is so powerful, we recommend that those using it, only have a 2-day cycle.

When you use Tongkat Overload properly, you benefit from daily increased testosterone levels, without compromising your body’s natural testosterone production. Click to enlarge the label below…



Why Is TONGKAT OVERLOAD A Superior Supplement?

Extra Testosterone with Nettle Root!

Tongkat Overload is infused with stinging nettle extract. Nettle root naturally inhibits the aromatase enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down testosterone, and converting it to estradiol, an estrogen-like byproduct. By reducing the conversion of testosterone to estradiol, via the aromatase enzyme, you can improve available testosterone levels.

Studies have shown that high estradiol levels can lead to the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As they age, men are at an increased risk of BPH, because the conversion of testosterone to estradiol increases. Estradiol stimulates growth of prostate cells. By stopping aromatase, nettle root extract has the ability to protect prostate cells, from excess estradiol levels.

In addition, sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) builds up as we age. Stinging nettle extract adheres to SHBG, and blocks it from attaching to testosterone. This means higher free testosterone levels in the body.

As a result, stinging nettle extract, protects your prostate, while boosting available testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali Effects You Can Feel

You will be able to feel the effects of Tongkat Overload, because it contains 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali extract in each 800mg daily dose. With this much power, you will be confident that Tongkat Overload works!

Convenient Tongkat Cycles

With just a 2-day cycle, you don’t have to estimate the number of days you have been on, or off. This means never having to write down it down, to keep track.

Tongkat Has No Side Effects

With no pharmaceuticals, we have only 100% all-natural herbs and minerals. As a dietary supplement, you never again have to experience the adverse side effects of pharmacological remedies.

Safe and Fresh

Our facility is registered with the FDA, and complies with all FDA filling regulations. We only fill shatterproof, tamper resistant containers. These containers are induction-sealed, as well as shrink- banded for additional safety.

Our tablets are always packed fresh. Additionally, we have a high volume of sales, and you will always get your order well before the expiration date.

Painless Tablets

Our product contains only gluten-free tablets that are designed to be smooth, and to minimizediscomfort, when swallowing. Also, there are never any additional flavors, or colors. This means there is no faint aftertaste, or excess gas.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tongkat Oerload is made in the USA, and usually ships in 2-3 days, by USPS Priority Mail. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return Tongkat Overload within 365-days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali

Q: Is our tongkat safe for women?

A: Tongkat Overload helps cut down on cellulite which is a buy-product of estrogen.

Q: How does tongkat compare against hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

A: Testosterone injections are not cheap and can shut down you natural production of the hormone. Plus, they require a prescription.

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: If you train hard and eat right, you can expect to lose fat, gain muscle, perform better in bed… In short, you will feel more confident!

Q: Are my increased testosterone levels permanent?

A: Yes, with proper cycling.

Q: Will your product interfere with any medications I am taking?

A: Always consult your doctor or physician before taking any supplement. :)

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive after I place my order?

A: All orders are shipped within 24-48 hours. We ship via USPS.

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